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Baked Goods

Great Bread.png

There is a reason it is called the Great Bread Company. Bread and other fresh and  tasty baked goods 


Image by Eugen Kucheruk

Pierogis?  Look it up.  YUM!

Hot Dogs

Motor City Hotdogs.jpeg

The Motor City Hot Dog food truck is perfect for a light meal or snack.



But of course!  Smoothies too.

Space Candy

Grandmas Space.jpeg

Grandma's Space Kitchen has a variety of freeze dried treats from candy to ice cream.  

Iced Tea

True Honey Tea.png

True Honey Tea. Taste it and fall in love. Don't worry, you can take home some of their tea bags!


Sweet Treat.JPG

Maybe the best cookies in Southeast Michigan.  Gotta try Sweet Treat Sensations.

Kettle Corn


Armph gmph mmmm.  Sorry, had to swallow.  Darn that Kettle Corn is tasty.  Eat the small bag hear and take the big bag home.

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