There is plenty to see and do at Stony Creek!


We know, you are here for the art.  Check out some of our selected artists for 2021.


Enjoy our musicians while viewing and purchasing art.  John Davis will be playing his vibraphone all day Saturday.

He loves to have kids join him.  Peter Kendzia plays his international flutes on both days.

Hands On Projects
Join the Anton Art Center to design and create your own print using foam board,

carving tools and ink! Create one for yourself, and share one with us for a

community art project sponsored by Consumers Energy.  Consumers Energy

is also providing free $5 food vouchers for those that participate. Information

at the yellow tent.

Food and Drink

The fair features a comfortable shaded picnic area and multiple food trucks.


Stony Creek features two beaches.  Our art fair is at Baypoint Beach. Eastwood

Beach has numerous extras including the water slide.

Also Stony Creek:

Golf & Disk Golf,  Water Slide, Multiple Play Areas, Camping, Birding, Boating

Trails for Hiking and Biking, Fishing and the Nature Center.    Come for the art fair and stay for the day.  

Return throughout the year... Did we mention sledding?

Art Project.jpg

Play the vibraphone with John Davis.


Come back another day to enjoy the waterslide.


Make an Art Project to take home. Leave one behind for

a community installation.