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Buy Art


The artists make a huge effort to be here, please support them by buying art.

See Art


We've found the Loch Ness monster and he is visiting Stony Creek Lake, just in time for the art fair. 

Make Art


Join the DIA , the Anton Art Center, the Detroit Public Theatre (Sunday only) and others to design and create

your own art.

Buy from Kids

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Visit the Children's Entrepreneurship Market (Sunday only) to buy arts and other home made items. Information at


Doris Angel.jpeg

Doris Angel serenades on various classic instruments.



Adventure Crate reads stories every hour.

Get Wet


Stony Creek features two beaches.  Our art fair is at Baypoint Beach. Eastwood Beach has numerous extras

including the water slide.

Enjoy the Park


Golf & Disk Golf,  Water Slide, Multiple Play Areas, Camping, Birding, Boating

Trails for Hiking and Biking, Fishing and the Nature Center.    Come for the art fair and stay for the day.   Return throughout the year... Did we mention sledding?

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